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Diseased gums may result in gum inflammation, loss of teeth, and even loss of bone structure.

Most people are not aware of the major health impact their gums, ligaments, and the bone structure surrounding their teeth have on their oral health and the overall health of their entire body.

When your gums are kept clean and healthy, it benefits your whole body. Infections, disease, or decay in the gum area can ultimately spread throughout the entire body and cause other health problems.

Symptoms of unhealthy gums include red, and/or bleeding gums, continual and persistent bad breath, gums that pull away from the teeth, loose teeth, and teeth alignment that has changed for no apparent reason. On the positive side, it is usually possible to restore gums to a healthy condition if they are diagnosed and properly treated.

Poor oral hygiene is usually the cause of most diagnosed gum disease. However, there are other factors that may cause gum issues even if you practice consistent oral hygiene. These possible factors include the beginning stages of puberty, a pregnancy, increased stress levels, certain specific medications, and specific nutritional deficiencies. If you see any possible symptoms of gum disease, you should consult with your dentist regarding their possible cause and available treatments.

At Essentials Dental, we treat periodontal gum and bone conditions in the least invasive way possible with the first choice of treatment being preventative care and proper oral hygiene, and non-surgical treatment options whenever possible. One of the most common, non-surgical treatment option is scaling and root planning, which is the process of thoroughly cleaning the surface of the tooth and its roots.